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Gift Registry

We’re helping you make an unforgettable impression. 

Give a gift they'll remember you for. Here's how it works.

As a multifaceted shopping platform, Boughtit.Club runs a variety of campaigns that attracts new viewers and co-sponsors. This provides us the ability to maximize our participation with each approved participant of the program.

We’ve made it incredibly simply to bring that powerful feeling of appreciation to your loved ones, prospective clients or preexisting customers with the Boughtit.Club Gift Registry program. 


Everyone loves to receive something as simple as a greeting card, but what if you could do a lot more while saving money at the same time?

Select your desired gift package and how many people will be in your registry.

Package 1 
Onetime Setup Fee: $149
Gift Registry Total: 10-15

Package 2 
Onetime Setup Fee: $189
Gift Registry Total: 16-22

Package 3
Onetime Setup Fee: $249
Gift Registry Total: 23-35

Step 1 – Select your package that represents how many participants will receive a gift from us on your behalf. This makes up the total capacity of your registry. 


Step 2 – Pay for your desired package. Once approved and setup, we’ll e-mail you customized invite information that you’ll send to the people you want to receive a gift. 


Step 3 – Your audience has 7 days to respond to your invite and register their e-mail and mailing address. 


Step 4 -  We take the pressure off you. At the end of the 7 days, we’ll start the process of creating the individual gift packages and mailing them directly to your participants. Your audience will also receive periodic e-mail updates on special shopping offers for every occasion.


Step 5 – Follow up with your audience when they receive their gift and enjoy reconnecting. 

Please complete the online registration form and tell us more about the reason your sending your audience something special. Also, we need this information to complete your registry. 

After selecting your gift package, complete your registry information form.

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