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Some of the entities that have been serviced or been a part of a Binchmark development.

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The most popular way businesses and/or their owners use Binchmark services is to either fulfill their immediate project needs or to coordinate and realign preexisting resources already at work on a project. Once you complete an online inquiry form, it will allow us to review your request and make relevant service recommendations. Some recommendations may mention or offer services not publicly listed.


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Strategic Planning Consulting

Binchmark leverages its 17+ years of project/brand development and consulting professionals over a multitude of industries and endeavors to provide its strategic planning services. Below are just some of the areas we offer ongoing guidance in.

• Service Monetization 
• Concept Development/Expansion 

• Sales/Corporate Presentations 

• Customer Engagement 

• Advertising/Promotion Guidance 

• Staff Training 

• Fundraising

• Third-Party Service Recommendations 

Reputation Management Services 

In today’s times and moving forward, your creditability is your only universal currency. Professionals who choose this service are normally industry specialists, public figures and speakers who have established credentials or work experience. They require support in how information about them is deployed and researched among their audience. 

Appreciation Program Development

Customer & Employee Appreciation Programs are the cornerstone in building stronger and beneficial relationships. These relationships can cause customers to remember your brand to keep buying and employees to stay encouraged to increase their overall work performance. 

Admin Services (New)


Even before the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, we’ve noticed an ever growing need the small business community has for good administrative support. Without this support, it can distract them from dealing with higher level tasks that increase the business. We offer services from sales calls, campaign support and tracking, paperwork processing and filing, document development to social management support. 


TV Production Services 

Binchmark has a vast history in producing content for television and online purposes. From scripting, concept development, directing, taping and editing to target marketing of the final product. Binchmark has coordinated and conducted various interview shoots with celebrities such as NBC’S Al Roker, former Philippine President, Fidel V Ramos to NASCAR’s Jeffery Earnhardt and more. Binchmark has also produced service infomercials, special event recaps to entertaining cooking segments. 

Targeted Ad Services

Ads will always be in demand as they represent the impact of your business or its services. Binchmark has created TV ads, billboard ads for political campaigns to magazine and social media ads. It’s about making the statement to your audience. 

Presentation Services

Well thought-out corporate or sales presentations are becoming harder to find. It not as easy as it may appear to develop and goes far beyond just graphics. Binchmark has created presentations for major events, fundraising, team trainings and sales pitches. The right presentation and its delivery can close the deal.

Online Services

Online services are often needed but require time to establish and integrate them. We offer services from setting up your corporate e-mails for one or multiple people, establishing a simple but professional do-it-yourself website to customized blogs and online storage. 

Busy Presentation

Brand Milestones

Learn about the advancements we've made within brands created by Binchmark.


See A Need, Fill A Need

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Since 2003, Binchmark has been a multifaceted development company with an emphasis on providing strategic planning consulting and business to business services to new and preexisting businesses or owners. Binchmark also leverages its skillsets to create its own brands that service both businesses and the community.