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Entrepreneur • Public Speaker • Community Leader



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I enjoy working in the community and helping people.

I enjoy working with people in the community and making a difference in other people’s life. I love meeting a diverse group of people and learn about their lives and their background. I treasure the personal relationships I have built with people in different communities. I have worked with many non-profit, cultural and business organizations throughout this area. I have developed strong leadership skills over that years and I position myself to have a seat at the table so that I can get my ideas and voice heard to make even greater impact to the community.


Starting my business was a dream come true.

I am the President of Moy Capital which is an independent financial and insurance company. We specialize in comprehensive financial planning for individuals, families, executives and business owners. Because of my love of giving back to community, I want Moy Capital to operate as a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneur is to combine an entrepreneur passion of economic value with an impact of social value. Moy Capital is partnering with Asian American Alliance to serve the Financial Inclusion Program with Youth Scholarship Fund to offer financial literacy education to the community.

Moy Capital offers free financial consultation to her clients and will offer an option for donation to the Youth Scholarship Fund. Moy Capital also offers financial webinars for free and again will request for optional donation to the Youth Scholarship Fund to help the youths with financial education.


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