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A look inside the famous Capt'n Frank's Hot Dogs


A Binchmark Stream Production

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Production By: 
Binchmark for Binchmark Stream

Executive Producer: 
Chance Wilson

Production Assistant:
Tatia Robinson


In 1975, the Hess family opened a summer hot dog shop, Capt’n Franks, the rest is an interesting history, which I will share with you a little at a time

Capt’n Franks restaurant is one of a disappearing breed that once populated Atlantic coast beaches from Rehoboth to Ft. Lauderdale. What the drive-in diner was to city kids, small hot dog stands, walk-up burger joints, with hot crispy french fries are to the beach experience. You expect to find sand on the floor, bathing suits are proper attire and in the days before we had health departments, maybe the owner’s dog is napping under an empty table.