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See A Need

The concept and discussion of affordable housing has been a popular one around the country in many ways. However, there is a less publicized
view of the details.  

Platform Overview


Fill A Need

Project Status: Active

Binchmark has taken on creating a campaign and platform that provides a closer look at affordable housing and some of the projects you may not know about. 


Reference Link:

The Yes Affordable Housing Campaign is focused on raising awareness for the positive aspects and powerful benefits behind affordable housing. You can't build great cities, towns and communities if people can’t afford to live in them. 

Brand Milestones


"I have always been an advocate for affordable housing, and I agree with the message of communities for everyone. The Yes Affordable Housing campaign encapsulates the essential elements of advocacy for affordable housing. I also like the online platforms that make it even easier to understand and limit common misconceptions. I support the campaign to bring more awareness to affordable housing."

Sabrina Wooten

Virginia Beach City Council member

Centerville District #1


Key Feedback

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