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Project Feedback

Some of the entities that have been serviced or participated in a Binchmark development.

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What is working with Binchmark like?

ADT - Greater24 Talks Feeback Letter.jpg
ADT - Greater24 Talks Feeback Letter.jpg

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ADT conducts various training for its team members and management staff. Through Binchmark's Greater24 campaign, we conducted a talk on Social Responsibility and Business Advancement. It was a pleasure for us to share our experiences as it relates to business and impacting your community to such passionate professionals.


20200807145924634 (1).jpg
20200807145924634 (1).jpg

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Petersburg Police Dept.

During the pandemic, the entire world experienced some of the highest levels of civil unrest ever seen. We felt compelled to lend a hand where we could to support stronger cultural relations across the country. We achieved this through a Binchmark campaign called Recommit America. Through our campaign, we were able to conduct a talk with the City of Petersburg Police Department. We had a great time with their leadership and appreciate their service to the community. 

A message from:
Mrs. Verdin

This client has received the following services: 

• Strategic Planning & Consulting  
• Reputation Management Services

• Business Print Services

Native Roots Holistic Wellness LLC

Since working with you it has forced me to take a really deep look into what I am actually offering and what my message really is. Which is amazing!! And I feel like I have finally nailed something cohesive and thoughtful and straightforward but it has also caused me to realize how many are out there that have messaging that is so unclear or nonexistent. And I wanted to say THANK YOU for pushing me to see something greater.

A message from:
Mrs. Records

This client has received the following services: 

• Media Production 
• Promotion Consultation  

Former Executive Director
Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce

I worked with Binchmark during our 2011 Gloucester Wine Festival. Not only did they produce an outstanding video of the event but during our marketing consultation provided valuable information to help us promote the event. Working with Binchmark was a great experience; they were fun, energetic, knowledgeable and passionate about helping us raise the standard for our event.

How can we help you move forward?

The most popular way businesses and/or their owners use Binchmark services is to either fulfill their immediate project needs or to coordinate and realign preexisting resources already at work on a project. Once you complete an online inquiry form, it will allow us to review your request and make relevant service recommendations. Some recommendations may mention or offer services not publicly listed.


Incomplete submitted forms may be rejected. Thank you.


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